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The dozen smallest plate bats have been used twice now. Learning the do’s and don’ts in the details of the process. Moving the clay against the plaster form feels different than moving it between your fingers. The plaster is absorbing […]


Black Cats 1

I love cats. I’ve been making cat themed work off and on since the mid 2000s. I’ve also spent years designing hand cut stencils on the computer, dreaming of the day when I could have a machine cut them for […]

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Finished the plate bats on Friday. Dozen copies each of the three sizes. Heat and humidity in studio reached the extreme. Sixty litres of water recovered from the drying process after five days of running dehumidifier. My chance to lap […]



A client has ordered sixty plates. A daunting thought, throwing that many forms to match after not throwing any in sixteen years. A prime opportunity to try a method of forming I’ve never tried before, but wanted to for many […]

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Mounted Imperial Easter Egg

This bronze mounted porcelain Easter egg was most likely made by the Russian Imperial Porcelain Factory in the late 19th to early 20th century. The porcelain has been enamel painted with two alternating pairs of floral sprays on a lavender […]

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Southern Italian Maiolica

Monday to Friday making pots. Selling your wares at the Saturday market. Sounds like the ideal life. So it was for southern Italian potters during the late 18th to early 19th century when this bottle in the form of a […]

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Gardner Mosaic Cup and Saucer

Mosaic Pattern Cup and Saucer. Gardner Porcelain Factory. Russia. Circa 1800. The Gardner Factory was established in 1766 by Francis Gardner, a transplanted English entrepreneur, with the permission of Catherine the Great. Gardner was the first of the great Russian […]

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Russian Imperial Porcelain Rondel

Rondel or circular plaque. Russian Imperial Porcelain Factory. Period of Nicholas I. 1825 to 1845. NI mark in underglaze blue. A group of wealthy merchants drinking tea, smoking opium and conducting trade. The scene speaks of the period leading up […]

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I don’t know what to call these yet but I like them a lot. They are ‘fusion buttons’. All glaze, no clay. Not just any glazes but ‘Ancient Glazes’. That’s the project I’ve been working on the last few months. […]