• Kbcs_Fusion_Button_Cat_1833_16

I don’t know what to call these yet but I like them a lot. They are ‘fusion buttons’. All glaze, no clay. Not just any glazes but ‘Ancient Glazes’. That’s the project I’ve been working on the last few months. I’m using software to turn analyses of Song and Yuan Dynasty glazes into easy to mix recipes for the potter. I’ll talk more about that later.

I thought of many things when I was making these. There was that story in the news of the beach in Greece being stripped of its stones by tourists post Mama Mia. I imagined them on an Ai Weiwei scale installed on that beach. I thought about the ancient glazes and how they were the finest glazes ever made. Tough, durable and everlasting. That knowledge preserved in their structure. Then there are my beloved Staffordshire cats. Another historical pottery reference. Something of me as the collector as well. Then there’s just the novelty of objects made entirely of glaze. In this state, they are essentially high fire glasses.

Healing stones for cat people? Timeless conveyors of knowledge? Alternative rocks to collect on your travels? Fridge magnets? Something I haven’t thought of yet? Open to any ideas you might like to share.

Coming soon. Early 2019.