• Imperial_Porcelain_Bronze_Egg_2

This bronze mounted porcelain Easter egg was most likely made by the Russian Imperial Porcelain Factory in the late 19th to early 20th century.

The porcelain has been enamel painted with two alternating pairs of floral sprays on a lavender ground. New life and resurrection as understood in the symbols of the Easter celebration. The types of flowers represented here may express more specific sentiments in the language of flowers if they could be correctly identified. Help would be appreciated.

The base and finial were cast using the lost wax method, the sprue marks left from the process having been covered over with solder. The base is topped by a fitted egg cup cut from bronze plate, hammered into shape and fitted to the form. So too for the pierced top mount that caps the egg. The finial has been silvered over at its point of connection, giving a little extra visual lift to the animated parrot atop its perch.

Imperial porcelain eggs with original bronze mounts are rare. Most of those that have survived are more overtly religious with crosses on top. The bronze parrot gracing this egg may be from an original wax model, making this the unique example of the form. Research ongoing.