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It is a relief to be done glazing and firing for now. A month is long enough. While I am thrilled with the many discoveries made along the way, I am glad to be done. Ready to move on. When […]

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Blanc de Chine Porcelain Cats

This pair of cats is Dehua Ware or Blanc de Chine. Early eighteenth century. At the time, such figures were thought to ward off poverty. Probably thought to discourage rodents like the cat night lights from the same period. Apparently, […]

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Photographs hint at but don’t truly convey the evocative nature of these forms when the the polymer glaze wraps both interior and exterior. It transforms them from the decorative into something greater. I am building small collections based on the […]

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I ended the week with a firing. It’s still a little warm to unload but here’s a glimpse. Will look at the results more closely next week. In the mean time, here’s some of the process that got me there. […]

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Forty one new members of the glaze family based on my unique polymer additive. The array of surfaces is familiar from the last firing but the colours have changed. With enough granules and a glaze combination of sufficient fluidity, the […]