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It was a week of glazing bisque and firing kilns. The culmination of all the weeks spent making models, moulds, and slip casting. The moment of truth when it all comes together. The first glaze firing barely made it to […]

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With a nudge from a friend, I decided to forget my plans and start glazing. All it took to make that happen was relocating some seldom used dry materials. That made enough space to absorb about a third of the […]

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Popov Porcelain Bear Behaving Badly

I believe this playful figure group was made by a Russian Private Factory in the second quarter of the nineteenth century. I am looking for supporting evidence. It is unmarked. There is a miniature of this subject illustrated in V. […]

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It’s a week’s work to cast one copy from each of these moulds and have it ready to bisque fire. The time adds up quickly when you have this much greenware to clean. I do a final once over with […]

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It was a challenge to slip cast with so much of the table space given over to storage. Between the first instalment of the modules and those I just made, there are around eighty moulds involved in this set. Not […]