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It’s a week’s work to cast one copy from each of these moulds and have it ready to bisque fire. The time adds up quickly when you have this much greenware to clean. I do a final once over with tools and a damp a sponge as the copies dry. Makes having to sand them later unnecessary.

I don’t know if it’s just me or if all potters are inclined to this but I love making arrangements out of freshly generated forms. There is something about the light and shadow falling on them.

When I look at the arrangements, I think about glazes. In my mind’s eye, I see the first sets being broken down into a number of different colour groupings.

I have to rethink my plan for slip casting these forms. At the rate I am going, it would take until mid November to make twenty copies of each. I would like the first sets glaze fired by September. Glazing around this many moulds would be an impossible situation. I need to come up with a storage solution.

Time to mix more slip. Two complete sets roughly equals one batch of casting slip. I would like to have six sets bisque fired before I start glazing. That gives me a month to solve the storage problem.