• Kevin_Stafford_kbcs_201725_6

It was a challenge to slip cast with so much of the table space given over to storage. Between the first instalment of the modules and those I just made, there are around eighty moulds involved in this set. Not to mention all the other moulds I haven’t finished with. Makes for a difficult work around at times. I keep telling myself the clutter is temporary. Once I make my copies, the moulds can go.

The last dozen of the new moulds held on to their moisture most of the week. Only yesterday were they dry enough to slip cast. It took until the end of the day to get that done. Their contents have yet to be removed, cleaned up and added to the growing collection of greenware.

This week, I plan to slip cast as many modules as possible from the entire collection of moulds. It takes a few days to get through them all once. Fresh batches of casting slip will be a weekly thing for as long as I keep this up.