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Never did get back to mould making this week. Continued to work on the wax figures and heads. A little closer to the end but still some distance to go.

I would be lying if I said this was not a struggle for me. I find it very challenging work. New skill sets and means of expression.

I lose myself in the work for days on end thinking I have made such progress. Then later I look at the results and wonder why I didn’t get more done. When I get to the clay I will be sprinting to finish the work in time for when it’s needed.

For the August group show at Createry, I could have a three piece garniture set and pair of cat head sconces glazed and fired. For the garniture it would be a pair of benches on either side of a tree. That will probably use as many of the wax figures as I can complete in the time I have left. Last wax moulding day has to be June 30th. If the final two wax figures aren’t ready, they will literally get put on ice.

The pressing and casting must begin the first week of July. Big heavy pieces like these take a lot of extra drying time. Last wet clay day in the second week of July.

Staying the course for the next two weeks and then on to everything from mixing slip to final firing. My space is really going to be put to the test soon. Hoping for dry weather at the right time so I can set up and cast the moulds outside. Otherwise I will be doing a lot of shuffling things around. Trying to come up with storage solutions for all these moulds. It’s proving a good motivator to clean my basement. If any of you locals want foam packing peanuts, please let me know.

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