• Batenin_Porcelain_Jug_1

Literally the day after a book I had ordered about the Batenin and Kornilov factories arrived, I spotted this jug listed as Staffordshire. Deja view. Didn’t I just see this in the new book? Checked and sure enough there it was. An incredible buying opportunity. Fastest time ever one of those expensive Russian books ever paid for itself.

This toby jug was made by Batenin about 1830. While based on earlier Staffordshire examples, it has an entirely different feel. It is finely press moulded from a hard paste porcelain body. The enamels are rich and saturated. I hadn’t realized how thin and translucent it was until I went to clean it today in preparation for photographing.

Batenin was a prestigious Russian Private Factory that operated from about 1810 to 1838. It was destroyed by fire in 1838. Batenin’s skilled workers survived and moved over to the newly established Kornilov Brothers Factory making the work of these two factories closely connected.

This example has a mark that was used from 1815 to 1830 though it is hard to make out through the glaze.

Height 24 cm.