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I never did get time to do the touch ups and re-fire the bowls from last week. I got lost in the wonderful world of wax modelling instead.

I was feeling pretty good with how the first bowl model was going so I decided to try a few more variations. I currently have nine new models on the go for a range of cups and bowls.

Each of the new forms will be a limited edition of no more than twenty copies. Probably fewer. After the copies are made, the moulds will be destroyed.

It bothers me that my discarded moulds end up as landfill. Plaster moulds ought in theory to be fully recyclable. They just need to be slow cooked and re-ground. Not practical for me but possibly a local gypsum board plant could take them. Something I need to look into.

How do these cups and bowls relate to Furry Things? I see them as an exploration of the ‘other’, the being inside some of us that looks for its means of expression. For furries, that other is the fursona they inhabit when they don the costume. The cups and bowls are symbolic of the act of transformation, of acknowledging that other self that is buried inside yearning to be free.