• RG31
I gave some thought to making this section strictly a gallery. After all, haven’t I talked enough ceramics in the other areas? Shouldn’t the work just speak for itself? Well being who I am, no. I am going to talk a little more. I can’t help it.

I will be showing the first of many small vases I have been using to try out different combinations of cold frits in glazes. They are a marvel that is still revealing itself to me. With so many combinations possible, I am treating these vases as open editions. They work for me as both a test tile and a product.

When I made the cold frits the past couple summers, I had to find a way to organize the overwhelming number of ziplock backs I had to deal with. A friend of mine worked at a cd duplication service and saved me countless empty spindle containers. They have become my go to solution. Each container holds from one to five glazes that have been processed and sieved into the different mesh sizes.

When I switched from hand to mechanical chopping, I could make bigger batches. Most now get made in 500 and a few of the basics in 1000 gram batches.

To keep track of the combinations, each vase carries a number that corresponds with detailed mixing notes I have written down. I am planning to combine the vase images with the recipes in a book I will be able to consult when planning larger pieces.

As an added bonus for me, the vases have been a popular item in the local market. Hoping this continues as I have many more glaze combinations to explore and not a lot of storage space.

I will be adding more groups as the weeks pass as well as other work I wish to share.