• kevin_stafford_kbcs_41

I spent the week working on the nine wax models of the mask cups and bowls. About one more day to finish up. Then on to the moulds.

I am faster at the wax modelling now than I was when I made the wall masks or the life sized cat. It’s still slow but when I think about how many hours those first models took, it seems like nothing. With practice, I should be able to generate models in a lot less time.

This group of waxes is averaging about two and half days each. Finessing the surface takes the most time. Once the surface has been burnished, the reflected light must achieve a certain harmony where the eyes want to follow the curves around the form. Each model must also feel good in the hands. I still struggle with symmetry.

It would be great if I could get all the moulds done this week but I have some extra commitments that will keep me out of the studio for a couple days. Will give it my best shot.