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I took a detour on the road to getting the moulds done.

I began my week reorganizing, trying to make space for the plaster. That led me to the re-fires, the mask bowls from weeks back that were so close to being done. They were taking up too much valuable studio real estate to ignore any longer. So I mixed up clear and black touch up glazes and brushed them over the areas needed. Then I finally changed the element that had burned out in the last firing.

For some reason, I was too anxious to make moulds while the kilns were firing. So I made another 200 lb. dry batch of casting slip instead. I might have said this last time but I really noticed now what a difference the water makes. I used saved rain water instead of city water. It takes less defloculent and less water to flow nicely than when I use the stuff from the tap. Plus it gives me a smug sense of satisfaction.

My weekend was spent working at the Stoneware Gallery. I have been a bit unconnected with the business for some time. It was actually enjoyable to get out of the studio and talk to people for a change. I have decided to go back to working my shifts there instead of continuing to hire. It will save a bit of money and give me a break from studio isolation.

I finally arrived at the point in the road where I could start the moulds on Monday. I completed the one for the largest and started another. I should have all of them done this coming week. I will be setting up fans to dry them as quickly as possible. No time to lose if I want the work ready for mid November.

The pics of the ‘finished’ mould show the surface as cast. I have no qualms about re-contouring the interior to erase the imperfections. I will be doing that for this and the others to follow.