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I didn’t get much new work made this week. Getting everything cleaned up and photographed took a couple days. Then setting up the sale, extra shop time, housework… In the end, I had time to press one round from the nine moulds and that was it.

I was out of the porcelain body I used for the first batch. Used some grolleg porcelain I had on hand. Came to the conclusion that it is not the porcelain body for this. It didn’t have the right working properties to suit the situation. Too fussy. Picking up more of the HHP today though this first snowfall makes me a little weary of driving.

In lieu of a lot of process shots this week, here’s a selection from the newly fired cups and bowls. I included shots of a couple of the wheel thrown bowls done in September as well. Just re-fired the black one. It’s so much better than it was. I mentioned the bowl with both sides underglazed before but never showed it. It was part of the inspiration for the new ones.

Circumstances beyond my control may stop me from being in the studio as much starting this Thursday. I am hoping the interruption is short. So next week’s post is a bit uncertain. Will do what I can.