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While this session lasted only a few minutes, it is the most time in our twelve years together that Tito has ever granted me when pointing a camera in her direction. Over the years I was lucky to get one or two shots off before she was on the move.

This week something special happened. She had just had a thorough head to toe brushing. She sat there enjoying the afterglow long enough for me to grab the camera from another room, get the lights on and start shooting. Then at the time of her choosing, she ended the session. You can see in the last few images that she’s had enough at that point.

I have since tried a repeat performance. She got vocal and left as soon as soon as the lights were turned on. In cat-speak to english, I believe her words were “No way! Forget it! One time only!”

This one time then, it was Tito’s day. Twenty four images in total.