• Kevin_Stafford_kbcs_201718_7

It took a few days for the cast pieces to dry. A final clean up with damp sponge and into the bisque. Unloaded both kilns yesterday.

Besides the recently cast pieces, I am glazing some of the cat mugs and cups I didn’t finish the last go round. The black lines are from a china marker. They act like wax resist when the black underglaze is brushed over. These lines burn off in the second bisque firing (018) that fixes the underglaze to the surface. I will be using some of the pale transparent glazes that I used for the cat head wine cups some months back to finish these.

The cylindrical mugs will have a pale transparent glaze with polymer additives. I will be using a set of five colour variations of the additive that I prepared using the Ravenscrag Slip. They could come out streaked, speckled or something in between.

The boxes, vases and plant pot set will be limited to a few chosen colour combinations under Black Hole (BH). BH over Erbium over Red, BH over Neodymium over Purple and BH over two coats of Cobalt Blue, three of my favourites. It will be nice to have enough examples of a single glaze combination to make up a shelf.

A busy week of glazing and firing to look forward to. I want all this out on the shelves by the middle of next week. Stoneware Gallery Spring Sale is May 11 – 14.