• Kevin_Stafford_kbcs_201719_4

The Animal Spirit Mugs have been glaze fired once or twice since last post. This type of fritted black underglaze causes glaze skips and other surface issues with some of the colours. That means touch ups and re-firing. The orange and pink were the most affected. Both were much improved much with the extra firing. The green and yellow mugs will probably go back in the kiln one last time. If you look closely at the images you will see what I am talking about.

The first third of the stacking boxes had their issues too. The melting glaze pooled on the underside of the edges. The parts fit together poorly as a result. It happened because I wanted to hide the white of the porcelain where each section meets the next. I glazed around the edge a bit on both parts of the connections. Then set a fine coil between to stop them from touching in the firing. This has worked for me in the past but Black Hole is just too runny.

The remainder of the boxes are still to be fired. They will be completely free of glaze in the areas where the parts connect. Hopefully that will solve the issue but using runny glazes has its risks. Runny glazes also have their rewards which is why I keep using them. That said, if Black Hole continues to cause problems for the remainder of the boxes, I will explore more stable glaze options. It’s important to get these boxes right.

There is more work coming out of the kiln today. Another load of glazed ware should be ready to go by day’s end. That leaves tomorrow to photograph what is finished and then get it packed up. The Spring Sale at Stoneware Gallery opens Thursday at 5:00 P.M.