• Kevin_Stafford_kbcs_201722_15

After spending two weeks working on the house and garden, I was growing restless. All those plaster models ready and waiting. By last Thursday, I could resist no longer.

I picked one of the 8 cm wide models to start. The side block was poured first, deep lines cut into the freshly poured plaster while it was still soft. Then the spare and foot. Then a second copy of the foot to start the other 8cm wide models from.

Learning to crack the sides walls of the moulds in a controlled way has been a tremendous breakthrough. The labour involved in making moulds this way is a fraction of what it would be the conventional way. I heartily recommend it to any of my mould making friends out there. Liberate yourself from the build up.

The moulds are done for all the 8 cm and the tallest of the 10 cm wide models. Four additional copies of the 8cm lid also. In the photo of the models, the right side of the divide is moulded, the left isn’t. It’s going to take weeks to get all the models done in mould. I am about to start my last bag of plaster. Once it’s is empty, I will have make up my mind if I keep making moulds this week or start slip casting those that are done. Then I could be bisque firing and glazing in another week. Either way I need supplies.

By the fall, I could have around four dozen different modular components moulded. Too many to have all of them out in much of a colour selection. I want to create an online store where samples of each module would be shown along with available glaze options. Sold as single pieces or customized sets glazed to order.

When summer has passed and I have this set finished, I hope to have a better idea of what might be involved in making the online store a reality.