• Kbcs_Pottery_Winnipeg_28_3

Once the firing was unloaded on Friday, it was hard to get back to glazing. The results made me eager to document the finished product and get them out for sale. Still working on that last part.

The yellow ground mug in the slider was the first thrown in the series. The original plan was to have a trimmed and glazed foot. I changed my mind by the second mug thrown in favour of thinner untrimmed bottoms. This mug serves as a good measure of how the form loosened up when you compare it with the black or green.

The green grey mugs express something of the rainy summer day they were glazed. I remember thinking at the time how inside was like outside.

Not having fired any tests ahead of time, I am thrilled with how the cobalt black stain gradates to a celadon colour. The ‘moon’ idea using the Black Hole polymer didn’t quite work. It left a dent in the glaze but didn’t burn all the way through to the body. The ‘sky’ looks wondrous all the same over this softly glowing world. The scene is like a snowy river at midnight.

Plenty of mugs to glaze and fire remain. An alternate night-scape using the cobalt free black is next. With the much greener tone of this stain, these mugs will be more like a warm summer night.

Here’s nine mugs in-the-round in ninety seconds.