I mined some lost images from an old Keynote presentation. Still hoping to get access to the lost high res files but at least I have these. Dates range from 2003 up to about 2011. Over the period, I worked to expand the glaze pallet available to me. I determined a system for mixing shades and tints of glazes that made mixing a grey scales possible. For most of my colours there would be seven to nine steps from light to dark. I was applying colour theory to the mixing of glazes.



I am a big proponent of mixing glazes for brushing rather than the standard pottery method of dipping. While it is slower, it allows for control and precision not possible by other means. Most of my glaze batches are between 100 and 500 grams. Being such small batches, I can have many glazes on the go at once without requiring a huge amount of storage or a vast outlay of money. Works well in my small space.