• Gardner_Popov_Racy_Miniature_1

This titillating trio has probably always been together. At 3.5 to 3.8 cm in height, these are small even by miniature standards. Their extra tiny size makes them particularly intimate works of art.

They were produced by a Russian Private Factory in the early to mid nineteenth century.

“Piggyback Ride”, “Afternoon at the Park” and “Monk Tickling his Fancy”, as I am titling them, speak for themselves in terms of subject matter.

There is a larger version of Piggyback Ride (my title only) identified as Gardner in one of the Russian books. It is basically the same in form, though in it the woman is being carried over land instead of water. Only the front view of it is shown. Not sure if it has the same detailing around back.

Erotic miniatures similar to these were made by both the Gardner and Popov Factories. A couple more examples can be found online with a bit of persistence. This trio could be from either factory. A provocative and rare set regardless.