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The two base moulds went smoothly. No problems or issues. The pile of moulds grows a little larger.

Thought I would finish up the moulds for the cat light before I started building the wax figures. The ears were done first. Again no problems. When I went to start the mould for the head itself, I once again found myself making adjustments to the form. Whenever I leave the model for a period of time, I seem to spot the issues that had previously eluded me. Instead of getting the mould done, I worked on addressing those issues (off camera). This side project is usually discussed in Instructor but mentioning here because I don’t have enough images for a full post.


Though they began as separate projects, in the bigger picture I see the head lights being shown together with the Furry Things garniture. The two projects are closely related. I have not talked much about the second wall light but there is another large head model in progress. That second model, while not nearly as far along, has evolved into something less cat and more furry like.

Will be finishing the cat head model, possibly getting that mould completed and building wax figures this coming week. Doing my best to stay on the timeline.

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