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I spent the week on the first of the furries. Didn’t quite finish the model but close.

“Free Hugs” are offered by many furries. That is what this figure is all about. Call it a “Huggy Bear”.

As it turns out, I need the alternate square base I had rejected earlier in the project done in mould. Otherwise the extended arms of this figure would be well beyond the confines of the base. An accident waiting to happen. Switching to the tree at the rear version makes things a lot more safe. The porcelain sculpture will always be fragile but have a much better chance of survival this way.

Seems kind of funny to me to be covering the action figures so completely. The human identity of a furry is hidden when they are in fursona. I have already forgotten which furry head has which human underneath. So the identities of the furries are hidden from me as well. When I am done with the moulds, I will be able to see which was which if I want to when I pull off the wax. It’s not so easy in real life. Few get to look under the fur.

It would be wise to get this figure completed and moulded before starting more. The alternate base also needs to be moulded. The wax is pretty soft and sticky in this weather. There is only so much space in my freezer. Best not wait too long. Then, I don’t always take the wisest course of action. I am anxious to get all the furries completed and might well start putting more together before attending to these moulds.

I have to admit at this point that I am not going to meet my target deadline. My original end date is only three weeks way. If each figure takes as long as this one, July will be here before I am finished this phase of the project. Then there is the making, firing and glazing of the porcelain sculptures. I absolutely need some pieces finished to show in August. A few more in September. Thinking that these will have to be a smaller groupings. The complete garniture set may not be ready until later in the Fall. Doing my best while being realistic.

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