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“Things take as long as they take”. So many times I have said this to myself. I estimated that each figure would take three days to model and be ready to mould. Last week I thought there were just a few hours needed to clean up the bear I had spent the week on. That few more hours became a few more days this week. Maybe it is ready now. I’ll see when I take it out of the freezer next.

Finished up the model for the new base. Made the mould.

Ran low on plaster and didn’t make it to the supplier. Planning to mould Huggy Bear this week when I pick up more.

Got started on the first of the bench scenes. Figures are roughed out. They need a lot of work this coming week. A couple of dogs getting to know each other.

Really liking the idea of doing bench scenes. Thinking about doing a series of different figures on benches. No reason I can’t have different figures each time. Things just take as long as they take as I keep saying.

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