• Kevin_Stafford_kbcs_201710_22

A small project grew into something much bigger this week. I will tell you about it next post. Time to look at some of the recently fired plant pot sets.

When I glazed the cylinder vases posted in January, I brushed two coats of coloured glaze inside and out. They were covered with Black Hole on the exterior and plain black on the interior. I did this because I wanted to maintain tonal harmony. An effective but expensive solution.

A more economical use of materials was chosen for the plant pot sets. The interiors were glazed with three coats of a cobalt free black. The exteriors still have two coats coloured glaze covered by Black Hole.

The fired black on the interiors looks the colour of dark chocolate. Its warm tone works well with the exterior glazes.

Two thirds of the plant pots had a grid pattern in the bisque left by the contact paper used to cover the model. This underlying pattern has been revealed in the depths of the craters just as I imagined. Makes for some striking detail shots.

For me, the lines of the grid revealed in the craters hint at the underlying structure in a seemingly random universe. Your interpretation might differ.