• Antique_Porcelain_Woman_Flees_14

This erotic porcelain miniature is mid to late nineteenth century. Continental or Russian.

A woman in a loose nightgown and cap has just spotted a flee on her shapely leg. Her eroticism is not about what she reveals. It is about what she suggests as we have seen before. Her provocatively positioned left hand pulling on the robe causes your eyes to linger there a little longer. Your mind starts making those connections to real flesh and blood. The flee is the convent vehicle for the erotic distractions this figure provides.

The form is well modelled. The enamel painting has a luscious quality in places but is not up to the standards of one of the major factories.

I believe this miniature belongs in the Gzhel group like some of the others we have looked at. After a model by Gardner or Popoff. Looking for evidence one way or the other. Right or wrong, it’s the journey.

You never know where these flees will turn up. Other examples will be posted in the coming weeks.

I am really hoping there are male versions of the subject out there. Haven’t seen any yet though. Eyes open.

6.7 cm in height.