I’ve spent the last couple of weeks playing with blocks. It started with those three small square bowls. I just couldn’t put them away. I started by turning them on end as an upright container. An idea was born. Turn the blocks into modular storage containers. Some would be horizontal, some vertical, some would open on top and others on the side. Designed to be arranged and stacked together.

For the small stuff of life. Think outside the kitchen. Living room, bathroom, bedroom, office.

For clip on cameras, GPS fobs, thumb drives, music players, ear buds, connecting cables, batteries, chargers and the like. Then there’s stuff like office supplies, condoms, dental picks, cotton swabs and so on. Wherever for whatever.

Half have inset feet, the other half raised. Inset feet are for the base modules, raised for stacking. Maintains a consistent low profile.

The models with a carved indentation in the top are side opening. The indentation fits the feet of the stacking modules or serves as a tray when stacked on top.

I was up to thirty six models but have since pared that down to twenty seven. I have reservations about stacking the upright modules. Leaving them out of the mix for now.

Many in the group of models shown here as design prototypes. They are not the models I want to cast. The process of making them gave me an insight. I can make the modules stack perfectly with a lot less effort than I have been expending. The indentation in the shelf module is the foot is the opening. It’s a single form in positive and negative space. That was where I should have started.

This week I make the final versions. One for each model. Then on to mould making.