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The foot-inset-lid forms were more of a struggle than I imagined. I forget how imprecise I really am. Took a few days to get what I was after. Spent the rest of week making the final versions ready for mould making.

Dollops of wet plaster were scraped off off the tops of the blocks a couple minutes after after pouring. All part of the process. Some of the forms began to catch my eye. I started making them more deliberately. If I didn’t like the form a dollop took, I would scoop it up and try again. There is a one minute window to do such things.

I see these dollops as possible surface decoration, sculptural details or objects that could be carved into leaf forms. Not for what I am doing right now but something to have on hand when the need presents itself. More moulds down the road.

While the models are ready to go, the moulds have to put off until next week. An opportunity has presented itself that calls for a change of plan.

The WAG is hosting its annual Art in Bloom display in April. The perfect event to show vases and plant pots.

This week I will be slip casting flower pots, under plates and vases. I haven’t cast any of the large plant pot sets yet. Just enough time to finish some if I start now. Have to make a new batch of casting slip first. Plenty of work to get done between now and next Tuesday.