• Erotic_Porcelain_Miniature_Woman_1

This erotic porcelain miniature was made in the late nineteenth century by the same unknown factory as the one posted last week. Continental or Russian.

The pretext is once again a woman finding a flee on her body. More specifically on her breast. I didn’t realize until I had it under the photo lights that this one has the same enamel painter’s gag as last week’s. The back of the cushion she is sitting on is covered with tiny black enamel flees. Maybe painted by the same unknown enamel painter.

It can be hard to read these as erotic today. We have all been exposed to so much more. The eroticism of these miniatures is more subtle than we are used to. In its day though the thoughts this naive miniature provoked could drive one to distraction. Oh those sexy flees!

Height 6.5 cm