• Miniature_Erotic_Porcelain_9

These last two erotic miniatures complete the group of four from the same unknown factory. Continental or Russian. Late nineteenth century.

I thought at first the woman with her foot on the stool had no flees. I missed her’s until I was examining the macro shots. The flees are ‘under her nose’ so to speak. There are tiny dabs of black enamel on her face. I looked at them in strong light with a thirty times magnifier to make sure. In the context of this group, they are probably not meant to be moles.

The woman using the chamber pot has enamel flees on both legs. A tidy combination of two popular themes in erotic figures from this era.

Aside from any mildly titillating thoughts these figures might evoke, they might also be seen as records of what life was like without modern sanitation. Making light of a common situation.

Each of these is about 6.2 cm in height.