• K&C_Prag_Porcelain_Figure_4

This match holder and striker in the form of an elegant gentleman was made in Prague between 1838 and 1860.

K&C PRAG was one of several prominent Bohemian porcelain factories of the 19th century. This example is clearly marked.

When this piece was made, matches were a luxury. Only wealthy persons such as the one portrayed here could afford such things. This figural container was made to hide the owner’s stash of the precious combustibles.

The striking surface on the back of the figure appears to have been made by applying a coarse refractory material to the wet glaze before firing.

This guy wears his spectacles on his head just as I wear my own glasses much of the day. Love the pointed collars framing his prominent jowls.

In my own work I am trying to decide what to do with the white line of exposed porcelain between base and lid. The makers of this example faced the same concerns. The factory chose to enamel over the flange of the bottom half of the figure to make the connection invisible. It proves to have been an excellent choice.

8.9 cm in height.