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My thoughts at the beginning of the week were that I would make taller versions of the modules that were just fired as well as the models for three square vases that I promised to a client for next month. A day or two more of modelling and then on to mould making. Or so I thought.

The more models I made, the more I wanted to make. I felt compelled to fill in all the steps from short to tall. It became a bit of an obsession to see them there in front of me. I went as high as I would trust the stability of the form after firing for each of the six, eight and ten centimetre wide models.

I should have started with the extended versions of the nesting box/vases instead of the taller modular boxes. Once the moulds for the box/vases are done, the models can easily be converted by rounding the top edge and adding the connector. Then moulded again as lidded containers.

I also worked on the models for two ash urns. They seem so huge but were calculated to be the correct volumes for cremated remains for people up to 180 lbs and 275 lbs. Being too big is not an issue. Too small is. The arch turns them from box to sarcophagus.

I started a new set of twelve centimetre wide modules but decided to stop at the first three steps for now. I have reached my limit for this round of model making.

A couple more days to finish these up. Then I will get started on the moulds.