When I made the trip for supplies, I returned with plaster. The way I have come to see the modular set is that all the components need to be ready at the same time. That’s the reason I have been reluctant to put the first ones out for sale.

I spent my days this past week prepping models, pouring plaster and all the other steps involved in mould making. I have split so many sides using the shims now that it is becoming second nature. I can tell how it is going by the sound of the hammer striking the shims. Towards the end it rings like a bell. Each strike makes a higher note until the crack opens up. Then on to the next side and so on until all the sections have parted.

Every evening the fans are placed in front of the growing pile of moulds. Every morning there are ten more litres of water in the dehumidifier tank.

Home stretch now. The models to the left of the divide in the last image remain to be moulded. That’s my challenge for the coming week.