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It feels really good to have finished this batch of moulds. Glad to have stayed the course. I used fifteen bags of USG #1 to make a total of forty six moulds over this past three weeks. With these added to the mix, there are now thirty nine different components to the modular set.

I made one copy of each for most of the model forms. The number of copies for the lids is matched to the number of corresponding box forms. Three for the small, four for the medium and five for the large. Four extra copies of the mould for one of the small vases will generate plenty of extra forms to test glazes on.

I will be getting started on a new batch of casting slip later today. The moulds should all be dry in a few more days. After the interior surfaces have been wiped down with vinegar, they will be ready to slip cast. Looking to have a selection of greenware drying by next week.