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I spent the week getting ready to glaze.

There’s not much clearance between the bottoms of both batches of mugs and what they sit on. My preference is to have this area glazed. There is however a real danger of having it stick to the opposing surface in the firing.

Doughnut cookies. They still absorb the stress of high temperature shrinkage like regular cookies but give the bottom a little extra clearance to accommodate the glaze.

Once the doughnuts were drying, I got started on the glazes. I chose a palette of blacks, greys and whites. I mixed and sieved two sets of five glazes. Shiny and dull versions of the same shades.

I hand chopped enough of four similar glazes I had in dried polymer form to test over each of the ten glazes. 18 to 20 mesh grains of the polymers were mixed with brushing media and applied over the third coat of glaze.

The fired tests will be out of the kiln tonight. I’m a little nervous because I substituted Custer spar for G200 in half of them. If there’s a problem I will need to pick up supplies and do them over. Better that than spoiling weeks of work. That said, I hope to have a load of mugs out of the glaze fire by next week.