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I thought today would be the day I posted my first videos to the blog. It hasn’t worked out that way. I’ve created shorts of throwing a mug form and attaching a handle but have yet to work out how to upload and post them to WordPress, or even Fb for that matter. Not much process to show today without them.

I made the third and final batch of landscape mugs for the time being. It’s amazing how much volume one can get out of 225 grams of porcelain.

The handles were made separately. Once the lengths of extruded strap were pulled into a taper, they were sized and shaped according to the grid on the cutting mat. The ones for this batch are roughly three inches top to bottom.

I plan to keep on throwing for at least another week. I want to make a set of mugs with cat portraits drawn into the freshly thrown forms. The weather forecast for the next seven days is hot and steamy. Not the conditions to be firing in. Gotta keep my cool.