• Kbcs_2018_Winnipeg_24_1

Plans change. The studio was uncomfortably hot due to the weather. Too much sweat rolling off the brow to be throwing. The bisque firing mid week didn’t help. Workdays became short periods of activity punctuated by long breaks.

It’s just as well I am not throwing. There are one hundred and twenty five mugs and ten tumblers bisque fired already. That’s at least three weeks of glazing. Time to get started.

I chopped and sieved a nine step grey scale of polymer material into 20, 30 and 40 mesh sizes. The work was spread over four days. It was difficult in the heat. At least I could walk away at any point to go cool off, which is exactly what I did countless times.

What I have in mind for these mugs is a better version of the finished tumblers seen here. Not all with the yellow but the basic idea in an assortment of colour combinations. The polymer additives will be used primarily for the banded landscapes to aid in the illusion of depth.

I’ve drawn up a list of glazes to mix this week. Then on to brushing. By the time I am done the weather might have cooled down. I know that when I do get them fired, these mugs are going to be awesome!