• Kbcs_2018_Winnipeg_26_4

Mornings were okay for working this week but afternoons were made for the siesta.

Lucky to have fired and cooled the kiln over the two coolest days of the week. Warm in the studio to be sure but nothing like it would have been otherwise.

The glazes have that quality of light I was looking for. Like a fall thunderstorm on the horizon. The scene depicted could be farmland barely a kilometre away.

This week, I was working with green as the contrasting colour to the greys. The three shades of grey from the top band to the interior have been simplified to one, at least for the mugs I began glazing after the kiln was unloaded. Thinking that a single shade will bring greater harmony. A paler shade of grey was chosen to contrast with the green than for the yellow mugs. The greens are meant to have a rainy day feel.

It is unlikely anything will be fired this coming week. More heat and humidity in the forecast. Better to keep glazing and wait for cooler temperatures. All greys and starry night sets to come. At least two more weeks of glazing remain.