• Kbcs_2018_Winnipeg_25_2

After the prep was completed, I began brushing three coats of glaze in each area of the design. There were sixteen separately prepared glazes used including the polymers. At the rate I am going, there are another three weeks of this ahead of me. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

There are two grey scales in operation on the surfaces. The interior, rim and upper band are cool greys in three steps. A dark band of sky, light interior and rim half way between the two. The landscape band has been divided into three adjacent steps from the nine step warm grey scale. Each of these in turn has all nine steps added to it in polymer form. The lightest of the three has a mixture of 40 mesh grains, the mid value 30, and the darkest 20.

The bottom band of this group is glazed a strong earthy yellow in contrast to the many shades of grey.

I let the wax resist dry overnight. Then it is tough enough to take some vigorous wiping with the sponge. Crisp edges are a must.

Taking advantage of cooler weather over the next couple days to get these fired. Hope to have them cleaned up, loaded and firing sometime tomorrow.