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    It became obvious pretty quickly the ring feet from the week before were one size too small. These ones are just right.

The first half of the week went according to plan. After trimming bands of chatter marks around the bases of the mugs, foot rings were added and trimmed in place. By the time I began attaching handles though, my mind was elsewhere. I barely got started before putting everything back in the damp boxes to deal with later. Something more pressing had come along.

This past Wednesday, I was offered and accepted the position to teach a glaze technology class at the University of Manitoba. Fall classes start in one week so not a lot of time to prepare. Since then, I have been immersing myself in the subject, working on the course outline and coming up with assignments. The written material needs to be submitted by the end of the week and much remains to be done.

I am elated to be going ‘back to school’. I have missed it these past three years. Looking forward to meeting the students, sharing my passion for the subject and working on some fun glaze projects.